Sometimes all you need to do is look at things from a new angle, especially when it comes to your wardrobe. Haven’t we all been there, staring at a closet full of clothes, still feeling like we are missing something new and appealing? Well, before you go throw yourself at new stuff, and spend tons of money trying to solve the problem by buying new clothes, consider approaching the problem from a new perspective, first.

According to all fashion forward girls, there is apparently a styling secret that will give your old wardrobe a new twist. And hey, it creates a totally new silhouette, and doesn’t cost a thing. My mom, the personification of proper Parisian chic, would probably say that this trend is way too laissez-faire for her taste — I say it’s refreshing, new, and effortlessly cool.

The amazing styling hack we’re talking about is simple, but striking, it’s all about wearing your outerwear differently. Take your denim jacket, for example: just close one of the middle buttons and wear it off-shoulder, so your shirt shows. As for your trench coat, just tie it firmly around your waist and let the upper part hang loose over your hips. If you are wearing your puffer coat, just lift the sleeves and let the jacket slide down your shoulders, so it looks like you just slipped into it.

Believe us, you will instantly create a whole new look, you will look effortlessly cool, and you will never feel like your entire wardrobe needs a makeover again. Sorry, but not sorry, mom: laissez-faire definitely got under my skin.


Posted by:estelleadeline

Fashion Editor. Social Media Expert. Content Creator

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