Brrrr…it’s getting cold outside. Time to say goodbye to your beloved leather jacket and to exchange it with your winter coats that will keep you warm all day long. So go through your winter stuff, grab your good old classic coat and…no, stop! Don’t get bored of it already! Sure, it looks quite plane and simple. But that’s why you still have it, don’t you? If you still feel you need a fresh kick-off start into this winter, let me help you: a nice little quick ’n dirty DIY will pimp up your coat in a few minutes only.

Velvet pockets for your winter coat

Ever thaught about putting some eye-catcher pockets on your coat? Its pretty easy and looks stunning. All you need is some velvet fabric in a similar color, matching yarn, a sewing machine (or a needle) and scissors. Be careful to choose the velvet in the same color palette as your coat  (for example navy and dark blue or camel and beige) so it still looks chic.

How to sew velvet pockets on your coat

  1. Cut two squares out of the velvet fabric (ca. DIN A5 size= 48 x 21 cm).
  2. Fold 2 cm of the borders to the back of the pocket, put it on the coat, velvet side out, (where you wish to have pockets) and pin them on the fabric of the coat.
  3. Sew three sides of the pocket, leave the upper border open so it turns out to be a pocket.
  4. Same on the other side.
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